Creativity? Innovation?


Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new that formed as a product, a solution or even a work of art. So it can be assumed as the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. The beauty of creativity is resolving every problem starting with imagination and finished with implementation.

It is common that sometimes human mind gets easily trapped inside a golden cage and settled in safe area then difficult to overcome problems. However, by the existence of human creativity, human are encouraged to solve and create a breaking through settlements.



“The three stages in the process of innovation: invention, translation and commercialization.”(Bruce D. Merrifield)

In brief, here is our own definition of innovation: “invention refers to new concepts or products that derive from individual’s ideas or from scientific research. Innovation, on the other hand, is the commercialization of the invention itself.”

Then, let’s talk about the prominent proof that may be find easily in our daily life. Innovation can be easily found anywhere, because it’s an invention that already commercialized. Well, let’s take a little look closer, and let’s think what thing that may be an example of it; It is a device that might you find when you’re sitting in a public transportation then seeing someone else holding it; easily identified when we’re going at malls, because there are dozens of people using it; or even maybe something that currently stays on your hand. okay what is it?

I’ll say… Blackberry.

Blackberry is a new brand of device that is extremely successful. It provides prominent values and characteristics of a smartphone, it has outstanding features that help people living their information and social needs. Before it’s launched to the market, it’s merely a kind of an invention, but finally when it comes to the phase of commercialization, it’s officially claimed as an innovation product.

And also, there can be funny thing. Innovation could be a trend. it can be hyped by many number of people. Well, just take a simple example. How many times you go out somewhere and not seeing people holding Blackberry? Probably you’ll see yourself holding it :p



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